Hey You ~ Joy is an Act of Courage

Dear You ~

For as much as I hate physically running, I am an emotional runner. Its what I do. Its what I have always done. When I feel scared or vulnerable or hurt, I run. I hide. I cloak myself in anger and isolation and build walls of safety in an instant. And I hide behind those walls. Taking those walls down is so very difficult. And the more times I try to take those walls down brick by brick, the higher they go if a wound is reopened. And before I know it, I look around at my walls and realize that I am safe...nothing is getting through those walls...but I am all alone. Safe...but alone.

We were made for community. For relationships. But those of us that have been hurt in relationships  (everyone reading these words), sometimes we start sliding down the slope of cynicism. Bitterness creeps in and robs us of every bit of beauty we once saw so easily in this world, in others, in relationships. So how do we stop it? How do we reengage? Is it worth the risk? 

Happiness is not something that just happens to us. It is something we have to be purposeful about. Joy is all around us, but we have to actively tune into it and often, actively choose it. Which is no small feat in this crazy world. It takes an act of courage to begin again. To try again. To feel again. To love again. Courage to hope.

So lets lift our faces up to the rain. Stop running from it all and just let yourself start to feel. Choose a path, and follow it, embracing the decision to rebuild. These are lovely words, but so very difficult in practice. Only the courageous will survive. After all, "Joy is an act of courage."