Kristen Hunsberger, MA Professional Counseling, Limited License Professional Counselor (LLPC)

Kristen believes strongly in the redemptive value of God's love and acceptance for each of us, and the healing power that Love can have. She has a heart for women, specifically to see them free from the bondage of insecurity, fear, and pain so that they can live wholeheartedly, embracing life as it was meant to be lived. Kristen leads from her acquired knowledge and education, as well as her vast life experiences.

Kristen is a licensed therapist, practicing downtown in Holland, MI. She also teaches psychology at Hope College as an adjunct instructor, and at Cedarville University in their distance learning program. When Kristen isn't immersed in the hearts of women, she is at home with her four sons and husband hiking, swimming or winning a family nerf gun war.

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Tina VanderKlok, BFA,  MS Holistic Nutrition, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200)

Tina is a registered yoga instructor with a Master’s degree in holistic nutrition. After pursuing a career in interior design, Tina found herself with a gluten allergy, multiple food intolerances, riddled with anxiety, and a body in crisis. Since that time, she has embarked on a journey to discover what it means to be fully whole. This has lead her into the powerful healing hands of yoga and meditation, inner stillness and peace. By embracing the use of props [such as blocks, bolsters, and blankets], Tina works to make yoga accessible and enjoyable for all, regardless of body type and level of experience. She teaches from personal experience, acquired knowledge, and a passion for good food and whole living. When not on her yoga mat or walking barefoot in the grass, Tina is a passionate paddle boarder, painter, mother of two, and wife. 

Stacy Tarrh, Doctorate Physical Therapy (DPT), Certified HOlistic Health Coach (CHHC)

Stacy earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2006 and graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2016 as a holistic health coach. She is passionate about helping people improve their quality of life through a holistic approach and believes true optimal health occurs when one’s physical, emotional and spiritual areas are strong and balanced.

Favorite activities include running, biking, hiking, paddle boarding, and playing any sport with her husband and two children. You can also find her in the kitchen creating healthy meals to share with others. Stacy believes each new day is a chance to live or exist, and she hopes to continuously inspire others to LIVE. You can find out more about what Stacy offers and who she is at her website:


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Stephanie Laidlaw,  Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC)

Stephanie was trained and certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2009.  Stephanie has over 15 years of baking experience and uses her knowledge, skill, creativity and passion to create recipes that fit or can be adapted to almost any dietary need. Her niche is helping those struggling through food allergies and looking for support and hope for the journey. Stephanie can be found most days in her kitchen cooking and bakingallergy-free for her little family, but also loves to share food and recipes at Stephanie is passionate about helping people through healing foods and speaking about hope after loss.