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Counseling Services

Sometimes, in our lives, we get stuck. Doing the same things over and over again that just aren't working. You are ready for something different. You are ready to live life how you were made to live it. You are ready for something more. 

Counseling can be scary, but it is really just a journey toward where you want to go. Its an investment in YOU because you are WORTH IT. 

In my counseling practice, I have an eclectic approach, pulling from the humanistic, behavioral, cognitive, and psychoanalytic approaches to counseling. I firmly believe in the power of connection and trust between therapist and client.

While I have a long history of working with with men, women, couples, and young adults, my specialty is working with women. I particularly excel at working on family issues, spirituality, anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and helping women to find new pathways when they feel stuck.

I offer both traditional fifty minute long sessions, as well as longer more intensive two hour sessions. Some people prefer to get their story out in one session, starting off with an intensive session. Others are highly self-motivated and need only a bit of direction, and a couple intensive sessions are enough to get them firmly rooted in the direction they want to go. Still others prefer the traditional route of 50 minute sessions. I am willing to work with your needs and set a schedule that works best for you. Please call for pricing. 

Below is a link for my therapy portal. Here you can look at availability, as well as schedule or cancel appointments.

KH Counseling Services Therapy Portal