Dear Me ~ Drop Keys

Dear Me ~

You have fought valiantly through years of very difficult. You fought to hold on to truth. You fought to hold on to relationships. You fought to believe in redemption. Not just for your story, but others too. During those really dark times, you often wondered if anything could ever make the depth of that pain "worth it." Perhaps you still do not know the answer to that question, but what you do know is that God makes beautiful things out of the dark. You know that you will always remain a warrior, fighting for truth, hope, and for redemption in all of the dark places that so desperately need the light of Hope. You will carry your flame that was forged in fire and you will use it to light the way for others. 

Be brave. You know that you will not be everyone's cup of tea. That is ok. All flowers flourish in different environments. Water those in your care. Honor those who desire to grow in other gardens. Equip your flowers to transplant and grow gardens of their own. This was never about you, anyway. Its always been about them, for them. You are honored to pour out, and in doing so, are filled up, as long as your heart remains tuned to the Audience of One.

Be confident. Speak truth. Drop keys. Help others to unlock their cages and to walk free in their lives. Honor others power, knowing that you can point them in a direction, but they must choose to walk. Give them resources and help them see how they live each day pens their life story. They are the author for as long as God gives them the pen. Choices have consequences, risks can be terrifying, but ultimately, if they want something different, they must choose to do something different. Just as you did.

Lead well, love well, and always remember that grace is a way of living. Live well.