Hey You ~ Move Towards the Light

Growing up, no one ever told me that this life would be a fight. A fight for balance, a fight for truth, a fight for a voice, sometimes a fight for sanity. Sometimes we have been fighting so long, that we just have to survive. I remember times like this. Times when I just had to do the next right thing. Make the next right choice. Do the next hard thing. Show up. Be brave. In really hard times, just get up. 

Its during these hard times that a support system is so important. Friends who can speak truth over you...sometimes hard truth, but always sprinkled with grace and love. Family members who accept you as you are, and (hopefully) love you with the closest unconditional love this world can offer. And sometimes mentors, therapists, counselors, and spiritual leaders who can offer you help in ways that others cannot. Sometimes the questions are too many. The hurt too deep. You need a window to climb out of the dark room. The best therapists, are those that help you to do just that. They help you to spot the Light, and move (however you can) in that direction. Light casts out fear and depression and hopelessness. The more we bring things into the light, the more freedom we will find. 

Going to therapy is brave...therapy is for the strong. It is for those people who want to live and love more courageously. I cannot wait to meet you, brave one!

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