Words From Our Retreat Participants

The need for opportunities like this retreat where women can show up just as they are, is so great. In the days and weeks that follow a retreat, we begin to hear from participants about how much freedom they found during their time with us, and how what they bravely faced and learned during their retreat, has changed their lives and relationships. Here are a few words from our participants describing their experiences...



This retreat brought balance and health to my life. It helped me to stop hiding from the things I need to face and gave me clear direction. Most importantly, this retreat gave me hope for the long-broken places in my heart and life. From the food, to the fellowship, to the solitude time and sessions, this time was precious and deeply needed. I am so grateful  ~ Kristen F.


I attended this retreat in February 2018. From the moment I walked through the door, my expectations were fully met. When I think of Wellness, my mind automatically goes to the ideas of body, soul, and spirit. Each detail for the event was truly catered to bring forth wellness in the entire person. From the food, to the rest, to the yoga, to the practical tools, to the activities, to the personal interest and care... each of these pieces helped to breathe life into my heart. I would highly recommend attendance, at ANY stage of life. ~ Bethany P.


It took courage and a lot of self-encouragement to sign up for this small retreat. But it has been so worth the nervousness and money. The weekend was thoughtfully planned and orchestrated to allow participants to relax, reflect, and begin to process toward restoration and healing. I would highly encourage any woman who is considering this retreat to sign up. It is so life-giving ~ Mary


This has been the best gift I have given myself this year.  The ladies hosting this retreat are walking in their God-given gifts and that shines brightly throughout this retreat. Please pause, allow space to slow down, rest, acknowledge the place you are in and begin a healing in your heart with love, support and a beautiful, safe environment here on this retreat. We (women) are worth the investment.   ~ Kelly B.


This weekend away was an entry point into a sacred space - a time for me to reconnect with myself, with God, and with strangers who were willing to walk with me at my own pace. I felt like I could dig into creative spaces, process life, and simply be. What a blessing to have these days to sit and listen and be fully present. Thank you!   ~ Amy


I felt so nourished this weekend! The generous, caring, supportive nature of each of the facilitators shone through and set the "feel" of the entire weekend. The balance of individual and shared experience felt perfect in that there was sacred time to go inward and sacred time to share with others, forming connections and building community. As women, both of these are a gift. I leave the weekend feeling lighter, more clear, and at ease in my body and being. Thank you so much! ~ Erica


This retreat was truly life giving and exceeded my expectations. From the comforts of the cottage to the connections made and ideas shared, it was warm and meaningful. I came in feeling stressed and overwhelmed from the "noise" of life, and after just a short time of being at the cottage, my heart knew that it had found a safe haven. The sessions each inspired, encouraged and challenged me. There was amazing food, new friendships formed, and lots of time for personal growth and reflection. I left here with a heart full of peace, a new outlook, and gratefulness. I encourage women of all ages and walks of life to attend this retreat. I will forever be grateful. ~ Anonymous



Absolutely perfect! The food was amazing, the sessions were insightful and inspiring, and the ambience for the weekend set the perfect tone to dig deep and grow! Thank you for the perfect weekend of growing deeper individually and bonding with my daughter. I would recommend this retreat to anyone wanting a weekend of rest, reset, and growth! ~ Amy E.


The team of ladies who host this retreat were incredible. They helped to give me guidance and space to start processing and letting go of the baggage in my life. I will definitely make this a yearly, if not bi-yearly event.   ~ Tina R.