Nourish. Thrive. Come Alive.

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Guided Solitary Retreats

Many people think that they are doing just fine. But if we are not taking the time and energy to deal with what is happening as life unfolds, we are not living wholeheartedly. This retreat is an opportunity for you to step away from the busyness of life, to create space and devote time and energy for new life to thrive in the desolate places of your soul. Anyone and everyone is welcome here. No one is disqualified and everyone is welcome. We are a team that is trained and dedicated to nourishing your heart, soul and mind. We cannot wait to meet you.


What Will a Retreat Look Like?

We will be retreating to a beautiful cottage on the shores Lake Michigan near Suttons Bay, Michigan. During our time together, we will offer practical solutions on how to live a wholehearted life. Certified holistic health coaches and therapists will lead sessions on how to start the healing process, how to find balance in life, how to identify areas for growth, and most importantly, will be there to assist you while you spend some solitary time really focusing on your own role in the life that you want to live. You will likely come with an idea of what needs attention in your life (if not that is ok, too!). We will help guide you to be a good steward with this time away, so that when you come back you are equipped to start the healing process in your life, or in some cases to just be more present in your daily life and interactions. We will also teach you about healthy food options (and send you home with recipes), hike through the beautiful northern countryside (all activity levels will be accommodated) and offer optional yoga sessions. Think nourishment for your entire body and soul.

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Who will be There?

Our desire is to keep these retreats on a very personal level (5-10 participants). As a team, we see the benefit of solitary time, but we also recognize the importance of community and connection. These retreats embody both of those elements. You will have time to yourself, but we will also be building connection among women. This also gives you a chance to practice authenticity. Pain and hardship can empower us and become the most fertile ground in the soil of our lives. To get there, we must be willing to acknowledge the struggle and be honest about our pain. Authenticity is the manifestation of that humility. Isolation breeds insecurity and depression. Authentic relationships protect against that, and empower us all to live more grace-filled, wholehearted lives.