Sample Itinerary

8-9a Arrival / Breakfast

9-9:45 Group Session

9:45 - 11 Solitude

11-12 Energizing Yoga

12-12:45 Lunch 

12:45-1:15 Solitude/Mindfulness hike 

1:30-2 Group Experiential Activity

2 - 2:45 Restorative Yoga

2:45-3 Closing


**multiple optional yoga sessions will be held throughout the day and are modified for all activity levels and body types. 


**1/2 hour sessions can be scheduled during solitary time with holistic health coaches and/or therapist.

 Food and Yoga

Food Choices

Food is this essential, lovely, mysterious thing we dance with throughout the day.  Food matters a lot. It impacts our health, our planet, our well-being, our sense of connection with everything and everyone around us. When we choose food that builds strength and energy and balance within us, we are able to bring more of our true, authentic selves to the world. When we care for ourselves well, we have more to give. When we support our neighbors through local, organic food purchase, we build the economy and health of our own city.

This retreat is a place to bring these values together. By providing seasonal, healthy meals made with real, whole foods we will feed your body well. By giving you a place of quiet - a space where distractions are removed and peace is encouraged - we will nourish your soul. 

Our goal is that all feel welcome around the table and that food does not hinder participation in this retreat. We have experience with cooking for a variety of food allergies and intolerances. Please note all food restrictions and we will do our very best to create a menu accordingly. When we eat, we will do so mindfully, eating slowly and taking the time to slow down our thoughts and our bodies as we enjoy the delicious food, lovingly prepared to nourish your body and your soul.


Put simply, yoga is a series of movements and postures, breath control, and meditation designed to ease physical discomfort and release emotional and psychological suffering ultimately to create harmony between mind, body, and soul. By tapping into the rhythm of breath and movement we have the ability to release the chaotic thoughts that ping-pong through our mind and cultivate focus and stillness. Harness effort with ease. When in a demanding pose, breath is the guide giving us the strength necessary to stay and feel and be okay in discomfort. This, of course, flows into life. When life becomes difficult, sometimes excruciating, we are beckoned to lean into something steady and strong, greater than ourselves. The practice of yoga teaches we were created with this beautiful, radiating, unchanging power that lies within each of us. The pulse of our Maker that allows us to step out into the world with specific purpose and strength, courage and faith. When we remove the distractions that so easily become a routine part of our lives and compete for our attention [the phone, the email, the demands and requests], when we quiet the panic and anxiety, we are able to tap into this amazing, humble gift we carry. And when we experience the freedom that comes from life with less fear, we are able to show up with this undeniable sense of peace, compassion, and grace.