Space to Breathe

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the "noise" in your life? Do you sense your body and  mind begging for some quiet space to figure some things out? Space to Breathe is a one-day opportunity for you to nourish your mind, body and soul.



Many people think that they are doing just fine. But if we are not taking the time and energy to deal with what is happening within us as life unfolds, we are not living our lives fully present. This single day retreat is an opportunity for you to step away from the busyness of life, to create space and devote time and energy for new life to thrive in the desolate places of your soul. We are a team that is trained and dedicated to nourishing your heart, soul and mind. All of us have learned the importance of self-care, and how taking time to invest in ourselves, allows us to better engage with others and our lives. 

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We will offer tantalizing meals for breakfast and lunch made from organic, locally sourced foods. Our certified yoga instructor will guide you in restorative and energizing yoga, signaling the mind/body connection. Our holistic health coaches will lead sessions on revolving, but applicable topics like finding balance in life, stress management, and healthy boundaries. Our licensed therapist will be available for consultation and also will offer insightful activities to help guide your solitary processing time. You will leave energized, with a clear mind and a nourished body.  See below for a sample itinerary of this life-giving day.

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We offer this opportunity to the general public one Friday per month from 8am-4pm. We also offer this opportunity for corporate wellness as there is such benefit in investing in the health and wellness of employees. You may register below for individual opportunities or contact us for more details about corporate wellness. To register, click on the date you wish to attend:

Summer 2017 date coming VERY soon!