Morning Meditation Class $5/per class

Guided meditation is a way to encourage a quiet mind and has been found to increase awareness and clarity of thought, reduce stress and anxiety, improve physical health (decrease blood pressure, reduce cortisol levels), and inspire personal growth. Begin your day with a 30 minute meditation practice and reap the physical and emotional benefits.

Thursdays 6:45-7:15am (8th St. in Holland)

Meditation has proven benefits, and if you struggle with anxiety or stress, this is one of the most cost effective, natural and helpful ways of finding relief.

To Register: email Tina VanderKlok

Please bring two blankets or beach towels to class. Pay in person (cash or check). Classes begin March 9.


HOw To's of Home Cooking

How to start a Home Cooking Practice That You Love:  get inspired to become a ‘homemade’ cook with so many benefits to you, your home and those you love. Instruction provided on how to clean-up, clear-out and organize your kitchen so that you can make-over and start to love to cook and enjoy the space in your own home kitchen.

To Register email: Stephanie Laidlaw




    Healing your relationship with food

    A Mindful and Balanced Relationship with Food: Learning to find a healthy and balanced relationship with food that is free of fear and ready to explore. Some of us are afraid of food, some of us love food too much. Ultimately, our issues with food are not about the food, its deeper. Learn how to enjoy food in healthy ways.

    To Register email: Stephanie Laidlaw